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    I received no answer to my 1st question, which was. "What is the distance between Sonora, CA and Oakland, CA".   Simple enough.  If this can not be answered, then of what value is this web site>

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    First off, we get hundreds of questions per day here with only a handful of volunteers answering them. Some questions get missed because of this because they get buried under new questions.  It's Sunday, people have families and lives outside of this forum. Google is always an option if you have no patience. You can search the internet as well as we can for google maps or mapquest or something like those. Do not insult people because you have patience issues.

    Now that I have some time out of my day to be here, here is the link for mapquest. I'm sure you can handle getting the directions on your own.

    Click get directions then fill in start/end locations and click get directions again. Miles will be included

    see @stubid's reply and quit blaming us for our answers.........

    you get more with honey than vinager..are you asking a question just to be heard or are you looking for a legimid answer..

    I don't do road maps, because you can Google the answer as well as I can. MapQuest!

    You sound like you need the practice. Learn, be more independent! We might not be here when you get lost in California and can't read a map!

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