1 yr standard poodle been extremely hyper since 8 wks old. terrified of people sounds etc.

    She has had 2x 11 wk classes and seemed just a bit better.

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    Any Breeders of Poodles out there that have ANY other suggestions.
    This person gave me a good answer but I do need a back up just
    in case the extra lessons do NOT work.

    Thanks Colleen,
    great idea....
    The Hyper Poodle Puppy - This phase will last from 8 weeks to approximately 1 year. It will be normal for your puppy to have an abundance of energy! Poodle puppies will want to play from daybreak to nightfall. It is normal for a pup to run around the home, investigate every object they can get their mouths on and generally wear you out! Do keep in mind that a puppy will want to chew on everything, well before teething even begins. You may find it helpful to read the Dangers section to keep your Poodle safe. Enjoy this special puppyhood phase, as it goes by very quickly. If you find your Poodle is just too hyper, you may wish to read our Question & Answer section which discuses hyperactive puppies and adult Poodles. Q&A


    With what you advised,will this help my hyper Poodle
    OF PEOPLE????

    I actually did not advise this. This is a web page I found on the internet designed to answer questions for poodle owners. The first link will take you to their chat forum. There you can converse with other poodle owners who may be able to help you with your poodles fear of people. Here's the link again for the Q&A poodle forum Ask your quetion there and connect with other poodle owners.

    Well thank you for the down vote. You do realize we are not a paid help site, right? We are volunteers sitting in our homes helping others the best we can. You can't be getting all annoyed when you can't find the help you're looking for. I took my time to google poodle helps sites. I gave you the link to a good one with other poodle owners. If that's not good enough for you, then I'm beginning to see why your poodle has issues. Go pay someone to get you the answers you're looking for.

    Colleen I thought
    your recommendations
    were great....WHY
    are you upset??
    I checked out the
    link you gave me and
    I clicked thumbs up
    for you???????

    No, you clicked thumbs down which took 35 karma from my total. I understand you made a mistake. I see you've corrected it, thank you and I'm glad I was able to help ; )

    Sooo sorry for that
    mistake but you really did help me
    and we have started
    her on long walks
    among people every
    day...Thank you again...REALLY.....
    Sounds like she needs an additional 2x 11 wk classes

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