when are you coming to sacramento im a big fan of yours

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    I'm deeply touched, can you cook??



    This is very flattering. I really hope to get to Sacramento some day.

    Thank You!  I will be in Sacramento when the seagulls tell me it is time to go. 


    I dunno but I don't think Sac has seagulls.. :)

    Vinny- the seagulls are messengers starts on the Pacific Coast, moves inland (where oher feathered friends such as pigeons continue to carry the message) moves North East to the Great lakes where the seagulls continue the message, then turn SouthEast (where other birds, but mostly pigeons continue, ad back to the Seagulls near the Eastern Seaboard. I know, it's a bit confusing- but when I get the message I'll hop on My Luna Moth and go to Sacramento!

    Oh yeah, I knew that, how silly of me.. :) Snails is the preferred choice when delivering messages where I am, hence, 'snail mail'.. Not very fast but slimy just the same..

    You must take a trip with me On My Giant Pink Sea Snail- she's lovely. One important cuisine item- No Escargot!!!!!!!! She will toss you out of the Shell and beat you with her tail!!!!

    Make sure you roll out the carpet , I should be there by the 26th .. :D

    I'm being held captive by my fans in NYC. As soon as I can break free, I'll meet you in Sactown.

    I'm pretty close to Sactown, I can be there in about an hour. What's in it for me?? I don't sign autographs though and I won't come there for a photo opportunity either.  :)

    Many years ago I lived at 28th & O and also 23rd between F & G. It's probably a slum now.  I went to college there -- American River. 

    Tell me about Sacramento, what's it like, never been to to North America.

    ed shank

    Spent some time there with friends in my early twenty's, they said I had a good time. It's all a blur to me. All I remember was the color of the house and being bitten in the private area by a poodle.

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