Does anyone actually agree with the views of the Westboro Baptist Church? if you dont know who they are watch the clip!

    if you do not know who they are, just watch this doco made by lilly allens dad, Keith Allen.
    its 48 mins long, but worth watching ;-)

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    These are not people of God. They are ruled by Satan.
    He is a false witness who pours out lies and a person who stirs up conflict in the community.

    Proverbs 6:19
    Maybe people should start protesting the Westboro Baptist Church during their services, and members of their congregation at their homes, and everything they do. I think they deserve worse treatment than that, but at least a taste of someone else excercising their right to free speech would be fair turnaround. They should at least have the very same treatment they've put upon others under their excercising freedom of speech.

    What would Jesus do? Christian means a disciple of Jesus Christ. These people do not the things Jesus did. They have not the Spirit of Christ.

    "Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his." (Romans 8)

    they're idiots. People that follow this are ignorant and brainwashed as badly as Jim Jones kool aid drinkers.. They are free to voice their opinion but we are free not to listen to them.. I think the whole lot should be arrested for something, I just can't figure out what it is.. Unfortunately, the freedom of speech is not always what we want to hear.. But that's America and I want to keep it that way. Just gotta find something to arrest them for.. LOL Surely we can come up with some dumb law they are breaking..

    I watched it also. Totally disgusting!

    We saw the dopes on the news.
    The best weapon to use against crazies like this is the Bible.
    I have a friend who is very religious and anti=gay because it is in his words' non-biblical'. OK the book of Leviticus sounds off against homosexuality, but also against wearing two types of cloth at the same time, growing more than one type of crop in a field and crossbreeding animals. He does all of these so I call him a 'cafeteria Christian'- he picks out the bits of the Bible he likes and leaves the rest.
    One further thought- Jesus never said anything about homosexuality, much to the dismay of extremists, no doubt.
    Some people need to have the bible taken away from them. This is one group, and Camping (the guy that falsely predicted the end of the world in May) are two I would start with. It is obvious they don't have a clue what the purpose of the bible is.

    I'm a CHRISTIAN and what they stand for isn't right.It made me sick to my stomach.When they tried to picket the little 9 year old girls funeral.If they had something to say about anything.It should have been about the shooter.Not a rally against gays


    The Westboro Babtists are a disgustingly ignorant people. However, sad to say, most Christians agree with their views on homosexuality. Some are quite vocal on the subject, but many keep their thoughts to themselves (between prayers to their God).


    papa peg shares those same views on homosexuality. I know because he's gone up against me on it as I'm a lesbian. You're speaking to the parrot on this one.

    its a relativly small group and what needs to happen is a vigilanty type of attack by an angry mob, kill them or severely harm the and then laugh at them for their suffering. Thats what I would do if they celebrated the death of a loved one of mine.Freedom of speech is limited by law not to create rioting or havoc.Example: yell fire in a movie theatre and you are arrested! Drive thru any ethnic community and scream all kinds of insults and guess what, arrested. These people need to be killed in public while we all look on and applaud.Bye the way folks,Jesus or God have NOTHING to do with this,so keep them out of this.

    If it were my child's funeral. There is no question in my mind I would make that funeral home a very busy place for many many days, and take my chances with a Grand jury.

    This is what keeps their "church" in money. They are rich off of the law suits they bring on people who go up against them. Most of Fred Phelp's children are lawyers with a specialty in small claims suits. Their phony church is a front for this money making scheme of theirs.
    ed shank

    I am not a violent man. I don't think I could keep it together knowing in advance this vermin would show up at my child's funeral. Many would die.

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