is the world really going to end next year

    earthquakes is this the sign the world is going to end

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    Somebody asked this yesterday. Try a search.

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    No, it's going to happen 27 July this year. This must be true because my bus pass expires on that day.

    Apply for another. You'll need it :-)

    I'll wait until the 28th.

    EOTW has been postponed until 27 May 2012
    For you it might, be ready.

    Nice one :-)

    No it wont just more urban legend silliness!!!!""

    I think we hear this EVERY year!

    Ok Colleen, I'll leave you my dick

    How big is it and do you have pictures of the little guy?.

    My dimensiona are none of your business, and I would not send photos as that would be boasting.
    The whole point is this; When the world ends on 27th May, there is no point in making a will, stocking up on food, batteries etc because neither we, nor the world will be there after that date.
    If you don't beleve me see

    But I plan on still being here, so if you really think you're not...make a will and leave me your stuff! :D

    Its now Aug, we still here. so someone got date wrong. lol

    Sorry, the date is 27 May 2012

    The end of the world  is the day we die.

    Ending of the World will be fiqure by ONE only. so wait guies till this day which ne one  knows ever when it will be . As being waiting so end noe coming , as being dieing so end is there will be..........

    "" Hey do you like this?

    No 12-22-12 will come if the worst occurs RUN FOREST RUN world going to end NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"""" """"

    You have a use for the stock of batteries, Colleen?

    I'm sure they would make an excellent trade commodity. Or I could amuse myself by making little buildings and things with them : )

    I'll believe you, thousands wouldn't:)

    This is a misconception. Only a paradigm changing coming. (Will be end of the last World Time World Age.)

    Maybe and Maybe not, this is nobody knows when? it could end any time from now, it could end tomorrow or after 10 minutes, so we need to be ready for anytime!!!
    Instead of worrying so much about being prepared maybe we should focus more on living our lives like it is going to end instead of stocking of on canned beans and batteries :)

    Please make out wills and leave everything you own to me :D (you all can keep the beans however)

    Ok well this is what you will get:

    A clay statue of a cat I made when I was 5

    A puzzle with 8 missing pieces

    A jawbreaker a broke my tooth on when I was 12

    The 3 inches of hair my mom saved from my very first hair cut.

    Th beans don't sound that bad right now do they? :p

    Maybe I can trade all your treasures for a can of corn...

    Well, we'll be around long after you're gone, Ashligh. We can't eat hair, yuk. If we wanted to eat hair, we could eat our own.

    mate heake no the worl whould not end for you something if it did buy an m60 machengun known as a lihgt machengun moossberg 500 shotgun m14 sniper rpg 2 and a type 56 machengun tommygun mat 19 ump5 carbine 15 or stafe the things i say try prying it works whell ahhahahahahahaha got to run well good night and cheerio

    I would not go out and max out my credit cards yet..

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