Pros and Cons of changing my daughters class...

    We recieved a letter with my daughters report card... She made 100% in all of her classes. The admin wants to move her to a different classroom. The curiculim would be the same, would stay at the same pass.. and the same teachers... The only thing that would change is the calibar of students.. She is now in a class were she is the top student. She would be moved to a class were she is average.

    example: She was asked to write a story and can not move on the her final copy until another student checks ger work. The other students have not finished thier stories so she can not move on.. In the new class the children are excited about learning and most of them are ready to move on the final drafts....


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    I think it is good to challenge kids a bit. Apparently your daughter is very bright. I wouldn't be surprised if after getting accustomed to the new group she'll be one of the top students there as well. Being good at something is in a person's attitude, and not in his/her comparison to others. Your daughter has the gift of intelligence, and she will prosper in surroundings where that intelligence is furthered.

    Good luck,



    Thank you. She is very hard on herself.

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