if my estranged husband receives a inheritance and i entitled to some of his money?

    i have been asking this abusive man for a divorce for years now. he wont give me one. i cant afford one on my own. he is now the recepient of an inheritance and im not sure if he would even mention the fact that he is still married. he lives in another state and information on him is limited (address, phone# etc), but the inheritance is coming from a family member who lived here in my city and he is here now but not for long. I need an answer to my question asap!

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    Your husband cannot deny you a divorce if you want one. Some states will make you go to counseling first. However, if you claim abuse, then you won't have to. Go to your local welfare system in the county and tell them you don't have the money for a divorce, they will help. Start the papers, and he will have to comply.

    Great. That's the bit I wasn't sure about for America.

    LOL, I was so intent on the rest, I missed even acknowledging this fact. Yes, he can not deny her a divorce. I saw estranged and know most people just stay that way for many, many years if not forever.
    You answered well for the Americans suliz : ) It's as you said, if they are in the process of divorce, then she could file for a share. Since they are merely estranged, then she can claim nothing.

    Is there a 5 year rule in America? Here if you live apart for 5 years you can get a divorce whether your partner agrees or not.

    I've never heard of a 5 year rule. Perhaps another can answer that.
    In the UK the answer would be yes. While you are still married assets are shared. If it's the same in the States your problem is you can't claim anything until you are in the process of divorce. Here he'd have no choice about it after 5 years. If you don't get an answer from an American, post again later when more of them come online. Questions slip out of sight quickly.

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