what is difference between taskbar and toolbar

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    A Taskbar is the long horizontal bar at the bottom of your screen. It's split into sections. It has the start menu for windows on it. It shows you what applications (software) you have open and it shows you thinks like the date and time. You can also launch things from there (like Internet Explorer) by just clicking once on the representative icon. It is always available to you regardless of what piece of software you have open. It is part of the operating system (Windows).

    A Toolbar is usually at the top of your screen and it is part of the application you have. A Toolbar is a series of Icons (pictures) which are shortcuts to things you want to do. For instance, in Microsoft Word the 'B' icon allows you to embolden any text you hightlighted. It is part of the the Formatting Toolbar in Word. If you didn't have the Toolbar you would have to know which menu to use to find out how to do basic things. For instance if you wanted to embolden some text you would have to know to look in the Format menu and then choose Text and then 'bold'.

    So it's basically a series of pictures in an application which make things quicker for you.

    They both sort of do a similar thing, but a toolbar is specific to the software you are using (Word, Outlook, Excel, Browers etc) but a your Taskbar is available and the same regardless of what software you have loaded and is there when you startup (before you may have even gone into anything else)

    Hope this makes sense. I'm sure there's a better and more technically correct answer but I'm trying to make it simple.

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