my mom is so mean to my father

    What should I do I kept saying "MOM"?!

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    there are always two sides to every story. I think you are just hearing one of them. What has been said already is true. Ask that you not be exposed to these fights, it's not right that you are involved.....

    Best advice sweetie:- Stay out of it!

    It's really nice that you love your dad enough to stick up for him but your mom probably has her reasons for being mean.

    I guarantee you will never know those reasons.

    They are the adults.Let them sort it out.

    Continue to love them both.


    Tommy - Good answer as usual. I sure do agree with you.

    This is between your mother and father. You can only ask your mother to not be mean to your father in front of you. It is up to your father to be a man and a father and do what it takes to keep you from having to hear it. Go to your room and put your headphones on. Adults get upset and mad just like kids do.


    I like MY ANSWER better. :(

    I saw. I do not think it's a good one for a kid. ;)

    You mad at me now? :(

    LOL, no.

    Good, I couldn't sleep tonight knowing you were pi**ed at me. xxoo

    I just had to be a moderator for the moment ;)

    I know that it can be upsetting to hear your parents fight but they are the adults and it should be left up to them to sort it out. You could ask them to sit down with you and explain to them how this is affecting you but as i said at the end of the day it is up to them to work it out. Occupy yourself with other things and try to ignore it and just keep in mind that they are BOTH your parents and they love you no matter what.


    They are so old nd they still fight

    Yes i know, i grew up in a home with alot of domestic violence but it was my father who was the mean one to my mother, i hated it very much but i am grateful that my mother finally had the courage to get rid of him.(I didnt see it like that at the time cause i was sort of blaming her for getting rid of him) but as i got older i realised alot of what was really going on. My mum did her best.

    Sounds to me like another nagging overbearing woman who can't understand that her man needs to get out after work and have a few drinks and get a couple of innocent LAP DANCES before he heads home.

    I'm sorry you have to listen to that.  :)


    TSC... to a kid you say this? Sigh.

    Maybe its a 30 year old who still lives home with his parents.

    Then she should be brow beating her father too for not manning up.

    My dad was an alcoholic. He'd come in about 2:15 am on most nights. (He was not the conventially abusive type to alcoholic - no beatings, no swearing) He just stared into his coffee cup and scowled in the morning. )

    Anyway, I wanted my mom to do something. Stop him. She wouldn't. I waited up for him and when he walked in one morning at 2:15 AM, I got after him. I was a blazing fire and commanded him to stop.  HE STOPPED. HE DID!  (I was 14) After he quit drinking he was so miserable I almost wished he'd go back to drinking.

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