Are you an organ donar ?

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    Certainly am, i've told my family i my decision which is on my driver's license, (Ogan Donor)  all useable organs to be used by the hospital as they see fit but none to the university.

    no. i doubt if my organs would do any good

    Forgot to say , yes, i am. Skin, eyes, the whole body.Whatever can be used to help someone on down the line.

    Yes I am....just hope I have some good organs left to donate when the time comes!

    yep I am.But I seriously doubt there will be any good ones left.Hahaha.

    Yes i am,i also give blood when i can.

    A friend of a friend had a son die and the boy had wanted to donate his body to science and the parents tried BUT THEY CHARGED THE PEOPLE $10,000...True story, I think. Will somebody do some checking on this, I don't know where to begin.


    Thats a tough situation. Didnt expect to hear something like that

    It surprised the hell out of me... How would one check something like that out?

    True. I have been told this before. Kind of makes it a heartless situation. But it becoming a business.

    yes i had a nice hammond organ i gave to my neighbor when we moved..

    yes,I definately am, a work colleagues 8yr old daughter was killed in a car accident, it was gruesome knowing she was on life support while recipients were found for her organs but she saved several lives and helped many others, our bodies are of no longer any use to us once were dead,so why not give someone else the chance to survive, or the gift of sight etc.


    the gift of a better life

    I am however, my husband has told me he will not sign the release forms if it comes to that.

    I encourage everybody to think about it.  Have a friend with a 6 year old awaiting a heart transplant in Dallas. On artificial heart for now until donar will be available.

    Yes. Not sure what your going to do with 220 LBS of rotting, beer saturated flesh.

    I do also give blood. It seems my blood type is really needed -O. Get a card in mail once a month. Up to two gallons .

    I can do better than that, I'm an organ receiver. A kidney over 17 years ago and still working fine.

    Be a donor it saves lives.

    Yes - they can have everything if they want - probably will only be of use to teach medical students - hopefully not to harm anyone.I have seen donated organs do good though - but think mine have somewhat had it. The blood idea is good I have a very rare blood group which is useful.

    I admit I am weird!  LIving tissue but cannot receive dead tissue.  So, I will give if I am not dead only.  It is like I am taking another person's life if they have to die for me to get their tissues.

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