are tenants rights the same for Assisted or hospice care?

    My uncle was staying in a hospice facility, at which he was very unhappy. I agreed to take him in to live with me. This was a spur of the moment desicion and we were unable to give the 30 day motice.

    Question.......Can the facility LEGALLY keep his things until he pays a full months rent? for a month he wasnt even ther. THey are refusing to return his important paperswork and is passport a few other thngs but those are the most important.. I understand paying a lease fee but , its a private home run by a lady, she is telling us that until he pays the $2500. rent ,. she will be keeping these very important items. I would appreciate a response so we can move forward.

    THank you
    Janine Desmond

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    1 Answer

    You would need to look at the contract under which he is signed up to see what rights you have, there is a duty of care in this instance...

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