will there be a depression

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    Not necessarily.  We learned a lot from history.  These days we just print more money.


    No wonder its name starts with the last letter of the alphabet.
    Deleted User

    But when a country prints more money thats when there dollar becomes worth less to the rest of the world?

    ssshhhhh, don't tell the citizens that!
    Deleted User

    Oh sorry lol :)))

    The economic crisis which has hit Europe is due to bad management and government, these days I would like to believe that rich countries would help other countries if this were to be the case.

    I think some people have lived their lives like they are living in the days of the depression trying to make ends meet.

    There is a big difference between rich and poor and whilst this distance stays as wide as it does there will always be a risk of depression , whilst only a few hold the worlds wealth we always have risk..

    Just live like there is no tomorrow take your Zoloft you will be okay :)


    Are we not in a depression now? could of fool me!

    There's certainly one around here!!!

    yes there will be one IF OBAMA is not re-elected. 


    I guess so - I do not know enough about American politics but there is something that I am not so sure about - cannot put my finger on it now but then I do not know the opposition either. Just thought I would say but clearly I do not know what I am talking about so why talk.

    yes ofcourse...there is..didnt you feel depressed?

    It's been eleven mos. now. Has there been?

    Every time my serratonin level drops I feel depressed.   

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