Whats the best anti virus software to buy

    My laptop is unprotected, whats the best anti virus software to buy?

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    Just click on the individual products. There, you'll find users' reviews.

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    Do not buy one. one of the best out there is Microsoft Security Essientials. Download it from Microsoft Download center. Works great and I have not got a virus in two years using it.

    Don't buy anything, get AVG free download! It protects against viruses, trojans, checkes incoming email etc.. Also it updates daily--

    Just do a search on AVG Anti-Virus free edition..

    I've used it now for about 5 years on 3 different computers, depending on what kind of power you have, you probably won't even notice it working in the background. This was not true with Norton and McAfee, they both were resource hogs. I believe they are the most popular for purchase.

    AVG the way to go.

    I don't know about buying, but I've been running AVG for a few years now, no problem you can down load it for free

    Avast is great and free, i have been running it for years with no problems :-)

    I use Avast works fine and free.

    NOD32 life

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