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    On my screen I have two Find location, Driving directions, Traffic, Yellow pages. How do I delete one of these lines. They are itentical. What is a tags and why do I need them? I just want my question answered.

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    A tag helps identity the type of question you're asking. Some people have a good amount of knowledge in certain areas so they search out questions by tags. For your question you could have tagged it "computer" "help".

    Now, you say on your screen. Do you mean the screen you get when you first start up your computer and before you get on the internet? If so, these are known as icons denoting a particular short cut. To remove an icon (short cut) simply put your cursor over it, right click on your mouse and select "delete" You'll then get a small box asking if you wish to delete the short cut, left click on your mouse, yes.



    LOL, Once I had to ask computer questions too. Just sharing what someone else taught me. ; ) Thanks for the compliment though : )

    ole hipster

    You are so smart and computer literate to boot! XXXOOO

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