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    I am guessing at my home to value. If I am correct at my condo worth $130,000.00 in today's market, assuming sales on comporable properties in this area, and assuming sales period, and if I owe $150,000.00 with both first and second loans, what would be my home to value?

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    You would need a valuation to be sure ask a real estate agent to help you with this

    Dr. Mattson, could you possibly mean Loan to Value instead of Home to Value?  Loan to Value, in essence, means the ratio or relationship between the your loan to the appraised value.  If the appraised value is $150,000 and the loan amount is $100,000, then the Loan to Value here is 66%.  On the other hand, if the appraised value is $130,000 and the combined loans are $150,000, then the LTV is over 100%.  Simply put, it's under water.

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