how many of the first days after a woman's period are safe and not fertile for unprotected sex


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    None. There is a higher likelyhood of conception in the middle of the month but even taking your temperature and careful counting are no real protection, whatever Catholics say... and the pope and his cardinals, MALE, are the ones who say it. The Catholic women I know play safe and go on the pill, whether their husband knows or not. Don't even think of intercourse, even if the man uses the withdrawel method, without contraception... and if the man isn't a regular partner insist on a condom as well. There are worse dangers than an unwanted pregnancy.
    I have to agree, None. How about this for an answer. A friend of mine and his wife were so intent on not having children they used every concievable protection. She still became pregnant. Like this, they had waited to have intercourse until after her period, the made love the day she finished, he with a condom, she on the pill and believed they were safe, being the jerk of a man he is, he removed his condom, wiped himself clean on her panties(thinking she would disguard). She put the panties back on so exposing herself to his sperm and became pregnant. You never safe.
    Unless you do strickly oral or anal. Crude but true

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