what are some of the disadvantages of scientific and technological aqdvances

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    Some technological advances come quicker than we mere humans can understand them, cellphones for instance, where they are a good thing, they are also a bad thing because so many people misuse them from as little as an annoyance to others around you to killing the user because they won't put this piece of technology down long enough to drive to their destination. 

    Computers, TV,s games etc, mushes the minds of our young, In some cases, violent games become a role model for the actions of some weaker minds.  

    Weaponry- This technology assures we can kill each other more efficiently.

    I could go on..  Not all tech is bad in itself, but in the wrong hands some tech can be lethal.

    Technology in space travel, science of the human body for medical research, high tech devices that make exploration of our own world easier to understand, this is good tech.


    Homework time???

    Our historic lines of progress are dismissed as trivial and forgotten as we are presented with the new thing that does more than the old thing. Fashion and fads show us the path that leads to the new day…leaving behind what was. The new things are all bright and shinny and everyone who sees you with that new thing smiles and say “I see you got a ( New Thing ) ! The old thing goes to the trash or is forgotten in a drawer and then donated to charity for people who would see your old thing as the new thing they could not afford when it firs came out. 

    But how we got to where we are, littering the path behind us with all our memories and the memories all those who came before us, is in us, and before them as well.

    Scientific advances are simply a little different view of things that are quite old, making the old way obsolete…until they are remembered again to live anew in a younger mind…cleaned up and transformed by new eyes.  


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