Why did NPR news lead with the story on baseball player Barry Bond? Surely there is much more important news items--I expect more from public radio.

    The usual audience of NPR has little interest in this fluffy story--get serious!

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    Steroids use among athletes is an important social issue. It certainly has to be brought it up.
    When I picture a group of NPR types sitting around trying to decide which stories to lead with,I don't see too many sports enthusiasts.What I see is up tight, bow tie wearing intellectuals who probably have distaste for all American sports and will jump at the chance to show sports in a bad light...
    The world has a right to expect more from these alleged super stars, who in reality are very good at their particular sport and little else. In The Great South Land many idolise a group of beer swilling loud mouthed yobbos. These yobos have no respect for anyone and very little for themselves. Don`t believe me well come out of the dark. I would emphasise not all players fit this mould but many do.
    Probably because there was no ANTI-REPUBLICAN news to report.
    The first problem is that you expect more from Public Radio.
    It has been a while since I have been able to listen to NPR ,,, Due to work and personal responsibilities. I use to listen to NPR, BBC, and CNN.

    You would think after Mark McGuire ,,, that the baseball players (or anyone else in sports) would have smartened up to stop doing such things. Look at Ramaris ,,, he chose his drugs basically over his job. (I do have the story right ,,, don`t I ??? ,,, only saw something in "passing" about him quitting his career.)

    So ,,, yea ,,, NPR could have put it like in the sports section ,,, first in that section.

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