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    What sort of info are men looking for when they read a woman's profile on a date site or do they read the profile at all?

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    I used the dating sites for two years. I asked the men themselves this same question and this is the answer i got most of the time... Most men only read bits of the profile and the rest they interprate. Mostly they look at the photos. It's easy to get bored and skip through the profiles when you have read so many. Unlike the ladies who study the mans profile. And then read it again then go back the next day and read it all over again. My advise to you would be... never put anything on your profile that is not the real you. Don't try to say what you think they want to hear. You will attract the wrong man. Believe me!

    I'm pleased to say that after meeting many many men from the sites, I have met a gorgeous man that read my profile so many times he could quote things from it. We are engaged to be married and I didnt know I could love someone this much :)
    Good luck


    wow what site??

    Do not like dating sites myself do not trust them. Always remember anyone can be anyone they want to be on the internet that does not mean they are being truthful and most times they are not and just looking for one night stands.

    psyco mum

    yes thats true thats why you arrange to meet them. It will soon show if they ar not real.

    Men are visual creatures so too much info is usually looked past. Recent pictures and basic wants you have in a man, basic interests you have as a woman and thats about all you need. Lots of pics...little reading offence to the gentlemen out there...just think about how well instruction books are used before they try to put something

    men are looking for sex and will you put out or not with mininum effet

    Actually in truth based on some of the notes I have gotten from men and their questions I don't believe they do read any of it but I would love someone to prove me wrong.

    Men read everything and believe about 50%, most people fill out the profiles with bull and some don't even use real pictures

    my truth about the dating sites are if it works for just one person it will work for anyone even me i hope.

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