When did you let your kids cut their apron strings?

    I can't seem to let go of my kids, when is a good time to let go?

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    I cut it for him. He created major problems in my family. When his stupid behavior came between my wife and I, his days were numbered. At 18 I gave him Until 8:00 PM on his birthday to be gone. Sound cruel? I will never allow anything or anybody to come between my wife and I. He grew up real quick in the real world. Everything is good today between us.
    I agree with Ed. When a person turns 18 that is the # from being a teenager to adulthood. They need to go out in the world and fend 4 themselves. I did, and I'm a better man 4 it.
    Indeed it is your responsibility, and Darci13 is right, but that is only half the answer.

    They must be ready for freedom, which means old enough to keep out of trouble... no longer any need for parental controls on the computer... no worries that they will steal a car... use drugs...

    You can never be sure, and you do have to let go, but equally you have a duty to know what they are up to until they are 18.

    Cut it the wrong word really... loosen the apron strings when you feel they are ready... there's no set age. Some youngsters are responsible at fifteen... others never will be.

    You can't live their lives for them so if they are still around in their early twenties, tell them there's a world out there so go take a look... and don't hurry back :-)
    I think it is your responsibility to cut the apron strings so to speak because some kids never will....
    Mine are younger, but the way I look at it, I am helping them build their wings. They are building their skills, building their self-confidence, building their moral values.
    I don't think it should be a sudden cut, but more of a building of strength until they are ready to go out in the world and try to kick some butt. That age is different for different people, but somewhere between 16-25 they should feel like they are ready.
    If kids are older than that and just seem lazy,(or failure to launch) it is probably time to give them a hard push. Life at home is too easy, maybe you are doing to much for them.

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