what do you do when you when your boss tells you this is your your last chance

    All i tried to do was help there was a customer, whom was upset at a a cashier and trying to get help meaning the asistant manager to help the situation which he did.
    But, the problem was when another cashier told me twice that if i where two ever do that again
    she would slap me 2 times and hit me. I told the cashier what the boss expected of me and everyone and she did like it and all i was trying to do was what my boss said. Now I did waid a dad to say anything but i was the one in trouable but she did get fire.

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    This same question,was asked by you a few days back.Under another name.

    I certainly hope it was more coherent than this one.

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    Look for another job. Just a matter of time before they shit can you.

    You need to be really careful how you get involved in a customer complaint issue.  If you made the other employee look stupid, no wonder there was a problem.
    Now that you've been warned, you might want to focus on doing your assigned job as though your life depended on it.  Indeed, your JOB depends on it.
    Keep your nose out of other people's business. However, if a situation arises like the one I think you described, excuse yourself into the conversation politely and ASK your fellow employee if there is anything you can do to help.  The implication is that you are trying to resolve the problem for everyone.

    I' with Benthere on this one

    Can we use the F word here. no pun

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