Is anyone else afraid to post an answer for fear of a thumbs down and loss of Karma?

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    Hired gun



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    When I joined this site I must admit I was afraid of getting answers which hurt me as I felt my questions would be seen as futile - I have now found everyone so helpful on this site not because they give me Karma but they also provide good advice and most of all are kind and understanding.Of course there are controveral differences but we are all individual with different opnions.

    No, not at all. We all have different opions and dont always agree with someones answer.TUs are very rare and are given only when someone uses very offensive lanquage


    Hi Ann...I think you mean TDs are rare(Thumbs DOWN).

    Thanks, Pythonlover . Its past my Bedtime and my brain slows down.

    Thank you for your support with the 16year old pregnant girl. There is a program in the UK called underaged and pregnant. Thank you again as I got to being tearful with this repartee.

    Hey, we just got another 16 year old pregnant girl. She's looking for some sympathy. I thought of you, D.

    Never. You can TD me all day, I'll give you all of my karma. I'm going to tell it the way i see it. Don't agree with me, oh well.


    Thank you , I was told not to thumbs down anyone unless they where saying something nasty or sexist!!!!! I was also told that this was a site for freedom of speech but if I can:t thumbs down someone then is my freedom of speech not being denied???
    ed shank

    I'm going to stick my neck out on this, but a thumbs down should be an appropriate action to take if you disagree with a specific response. That action should be followed with an explanation as to why that person was either offended or simply did not agree with the answer. We have had a few disgruntled people here use the thumbs down to remove many points from an individual for not agreeing with their view. That is the reason for the protocol stated.

    Thank You ed shank that helped me to understand , so if I thumbs down someone then I need to leave a statement as to why???

    The rules of the forum are, opinions, unless they are hurtful, spiteful, vulgar, nasty,sexist, racist or humiliating are off limits to thumbs down. You can not give a thumbs down just because you disagree with another persons opinion. Continued abuse of the thumbs down button can result in a suspension. If you disagree with a person's answer or opinion, you can say so without giving a thumbs down. We've had far too many karma wars on this forum because of trigger happy thumbs down givers. This is why the rule now stands at opinions being off limits. If you still feel like your freedom of speech is being stepped on by not being allowed to thumbs down someone's honest opinion then there are other forums out there on the internet.

    New people who give T D don't know that it'll take away from someone's Karma points.I didn't know that. I learned that the hard way, after I only doing a TD once, to 2 people at the same time. Never did it again.It's hard to know the by-laws of this site, b/c there are no terms of agreement that you have to agree to before you can get on.

    sometimes there is a verbal attack but that's all it is ... VERBAL.  stay off the controversial subjects if it bothers you.

    sometimes you might get a thumb down accidentally. be sure and ask the person if it's an accident. my computer gives thumbs down frequently. 

    I'm giving you a thumb up. let me know if it didn't work. 

    Say what you feel......we do have freedom of speech not only in this country but also on AKAqa...some folks probably have much worse barks than actual bite!


    Grrrrrrrr ;) Hello my friend!

    I will go after those who misuse the TD button anyway. I'll be the target for them to post nasty stuff about. ;)

    specially those of us who wear dentures!!!! lol

    Certainly NOT. All I do is use common sense,logic,personal experience and sometimes a little luck.The only "wrong" answer is one that is deliberately profane,or degrading to another.NONE of us knows the answer to everything! Good luck!!

    It's never been about karma to me.I give an answer the way I see it.If someone TDs me I probably won't even notice.I know some people would rather not have my opinions ,but they ask & they get an answer.I am no great scholar but I have a lifetime of experience in many matters & I am glad to pass on any knowledge my experiences have taught me.Don't worry about the karma.Just be honest.


    Your opinions matter Tommyh,in fact i think your answers are very good.

    Thank you PL.That's nice of you.

    your opinion really does mater to me as well Tommy you keep saying what you feel I always look forward to your answers oxoxoxo

    Tommyh, I dont understand all the fuss about karma points, at end of the day, what do you get for them, apart from Congerlations.!!!

    Yeah,It's not like they were frequent flyer points or anything.LOL

    Tommyh - I like your answers and comments very much. My Mum made me laugh when I mentioned the Karma points, I mentioned this to Colleen and said my Mum said what a shame the Karma points are not money as Colleen had said she moderates for free.

    Karma does not matter to me...  Although this "club" thing makes me feel inadiquit. If I deserve a TD give it to me, but tell my why... I would like to know.


    You'll get there Jenn. Answer more questions! LOL

    Tu good answer

    What is the point of karma points pl?

    Good point, Jenn. If someone gives a TD, it would be helpful to know what prompted it. Hopefully, the reason will be thoughtful and not rude. We'll see! You got good karma, though, so no worries.

    Karma simply reflects the level of trust the community has in a person's answers as being valid or correct answers to questions asked.

    I simply disregarded the TDs which I received on a few occasions.  There is a Chinese saying, "One kind of rice feeds a hundred kinds of people."  Even if you are right, some people misunderstand you.  Different people have different mentality.  So why bother to upset myself?

    In response to this question and also what jh said,

    As a moderator it is my duty to remove posts that the admin and community members have deemed offensive. As for TD's (thumbs down) it is the community majority who have voted that opinions, unless inappropriate or harmful are off limits to the TD button. I will leave a message for anyone who gives a TD just because they do not agree with the answer. I will explain why opinions are safe from TD's and if TD's on opinions continue, then the user or member could be suspended for a few days. If a user or member does not like this, they are more than welcome to find another forum where TD's are not regulated.
    If I am doing my job as a moderator, it is not because I'm "pi$$ed off" or on a power kick. It is because I listen to the members and go with the popular vote.

    If I moderate what a person says, it is because I am doing a job the admin have asked me to do. I am not on a power kick. I've had to remove some nasty posts about me concerning this in just the last two days alone which is why I'm mentioning it now.

    For those of you who were here while I was away in PA during hurricane Irene, how did the forum run without any moderation? I heard from a few that they were glad I was back so the offensive posts could be removed and from at least one who said she stopped coming here until I got back because of the trash all over the forum.

    If this were all about power for me, I'd be getting paid. I give freely of my time (up to 17 hours a day) for the daily members who are here to help people so they do not have to deal with the ones who think this place is just a playground for the bored and childish.


    I like you, Colleen, you just intimidate me... My own insecurities... And you beat me to a lot of great answers...LOL

    Sorry. No need to be intimidated. ;)

    LOL.. You dont intimidate me at all.. you are a pussy cat!

    I think you take your position very seriously and sometimes that is might be misunderstood.

    You dont sugar coat or tolarate B.S.... Some ppl are not used to that.
    I for one appriciate it!

    Thanks Jenn but shhhh, on the pussycat bit ;)

    GRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ;( LOL
    metal face

    Somebody has to be the voice of common sense sometimes.As a moderator you have put yourself in the crosshairs,but this is an informed choice.You also handle it wit aplomb.We all say or do things we may have done differently in hindsight.I think you do an excellent job.I know it is something I would not want nor could do.Thank you for your service Colleen!

    here, here , Metalface well said.

    Thanks guys :)

    If i get TDs,so be it.But it should be given with an explanation as to why.But then again that could lead to a slanging match between both parties and it could end up an "all in" with the other members also.We can't please everyone,just use our comman sense.

    Couldn't care less.

    TUor TD do not matter to me its getting involed with people.Trying to help we sometimes need that ourselfs .I like a laugh ,tell a joke when required to do so.I never go out of my way to "Hurt people love this site and members.

    Write what you feel and disregard them

    just say wate you got to say just keep it as clean as pos... your being watched by the eye in the sky lol


    Colleen I just saw your eyes!lol

    Do you want to find out?


    I must admit i was taken back the very first time on aka with - 45 but i got the hang of it ( i hope ), the members soon set me straight but i say what i feel now, i don't worry about thumbs up or down. i regard the members as cyber friends.

    If a question really rubs me the wrong way, I will give it a thumb's down.  The only thumb's down I recall receiving is one I got in response to a question that I had given the TD.  It was from the author of the question, and I think it was just "getting even" with me. 

    I'm not afraid of getting a TD in retaliation.  I don't TD an answer; I leave it alone if I don't agree with it, or make a comment if my feeling is strong.  I will give a TD to a question that I find redundant, offensive, or ignorant.  I will also report as abusive questions which I sincerely find offensive. 

    I'm giving this questions a thumb's up.  It has generated a good discussion and that's what a good question does.  Well done, clu.

    I will also make a point of giving a thumb's up or a thumb's down to a question if I answer it. That is another way people earn or lose karma points.  Without the questions, there would be no opportunity for answers.  People should get credit for a good question. 

    i  agree with everybody's answer

    In the words of (Clint Eastwood) " GO AHEAD,(PUNK) TRY IT, MAKE -MY- DAY! "


    ''feel lucky, Punk ! ? ''

    First, I don't give a flying fig about karma points.  Second, if I give a thumbs down it is because A-I don't like the answer, or B-I don't lke the attitude that comes thru on an answer.  Third, I give so few TD and usually just pass over the answers I disagree with. Fourth, sometimes I don't read the names of those commenting or care who it is,  Fifth, It is admitted abuse of animals that will do it every time! 

    I physically support an animal shelter because it is a no-kill and carefully adopts out dogs and cats.  I go 2 other places on the net to support 2 more.  I wrote a check today to another.  So, I will give not only a TD to an animal abuser but tell them where to go if I have to.  I don't remember who I called a name the other day but it was his misunderstanding of animal behavior that lead to my anger with him.  He should read the book about the "Horse Whisperer".  Most people could learn alot from our animal companions.


    If it is an opinion that does not harm anyone, then it is not open to a thumbs down. If you like chocolate ice cream but I do not, I can not thumbs down you if you answer a question like "What is the best ice cream in the world?" and you say chocolate.

    Giving a thumbs down to an animal abuser is a good use of the thumbs down option. I typically suspend people like that after I've allowed the members to verbally abuse them (without getting vulgar of course).
    country bumpkin

    Lupe: Have you read the new story about Harper the baby pit bull who was deformed and thrown into a trash bag to die? It ends up being a very heartwarming story. I hope you can find it.

    I have not seen the story about the baby pit bull. I read so many that make me cry. Just the thought of such waste is sickening. I've had some animals die naturally in my arms. But, I always try to help any way I can.
    Thanks Country Bumpkin

    Once upon a time karma was a goal and a challenge to me and I appreciated the recognition of my work and research. Now days, with the questions so far and few beyween, karma has become fairly worthless. The questions don't require research but rather ,  opinion, personal stuff and usually don't require looking up. I think they are a greater challenge as your real truth comes out honestly . You find out so much more than can be googled .....


    I agree Julie, Aka has certainly changed over the last few tears, the enthusiasm and sparkle has waned, pity, but i still log in most nights. cheers :)

    yes sometimes

    thats the  good part of this  site    you learn  that  everyone may not agree with you  It teaches you  doesn't it?????

    Nope not me.

    I don't pay any attention to Karma, or thumbs up or thumbs down. But, sometimes if I am impressed by a really well thought out answer, if I remember to, I give them a thumbs up.


    As is very, very apparent to all......

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