who was the person who invented pi and what country/race was he from

    if you are woundering iam not tring to be racist with this

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    Based on historical facts about pi, the Egyptians were the first to discover and use it. The Great Pyramid measured 1760 cubits with a height of 280 cubits. The equation 1760/280 is equal 2 x pi. Note that this is archaeological evidence; there are no specific Egyptian texts that specifically mention pi.

    An Overview of Pi History

    The history of the pi is usually divided into three eras. The ancient period was the time it was studied in geometric terms. The classic era took place in 17th Europe following the invention of calculus. The current one is the digital period, where computers are used to analyze and compute the data.

    The Susa math tablets (c 2000 BC) can shed light on some facts about pi. These were set down in cuneiform and discovered in Shush, Iran. There it is said that the ratio of the circumference of a circle compared to a hexagonal perimeter is 1:0.96.

    This is taken by some experts as a pi=3.125. Most of the ancient civilizations located an area by multiplying a square of the circumference by 1/12. 

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