can signal corps hurt a individual

    can a signal corps officer cause harm to a individual ?

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    Now people like signal corps officers are useing electromagnetic harassment as well as voices to skull activities or waves. Google earth is used by thousands of people as a servellance tool for there home. There is also a building software with google earth and when they are both hacked they can see into your home. I hope this helps you more with understanding Covert Operations.

    Thanks Dave responded to Vinny

    Google earth does not give live shots of your home. Some of the pictures are a year old or older. If I google earth my home right now, my trees are in full leaf bloom even though it's still spring and my trees are still budding.
    This is the closest thing on the 'net that I could find concerning your question. It's a long read.

    Thank-you so much for getting some great info here in toronto thanks Colleen. Dave from Toronto, On, Canada

    You're welcome Dave. If you don't mind, a thumbs up would be appreciated if you feel this is a good answer to your question. :)
    What exactly are you asking?

    Colleen they are Covert Operations one is the Gulf war it was won by signal corps officers shutting down a hundred trucks that were then bombed by fight planes.
    I guess i still don't get it.. LOL

    Man That is way out there.. I don't know if I am on the right track here or not..

    In WW2 the Germans were developing a 'subsonic' weapon that would make its target enemy very very sick, it was never completed because the scientists themselves could not constrain the wave and focus it on any one particular target subject, they themselves became very very sick being in the same room with it so it was abandoned.

    Check the link I posted.
    I don't even understand this question.. Would it make a difference of what rank or division of the military it is? when is it ok to hurt any person anywhere in any organized military? Except of course the enemy during times of war..

    I'd like to know what he means by "hurt".
    I am trying to find out if a ww11 signal corps officer hurt an individual or a person from a distance ?
    The Gulf War I am sure was won by signal corps.
    Many people like me are targetted individuals that are electromagneticallyn hurt with the signal corps sonar and radar. If they can locate you then I think they can manipulate your organs hurting you for there own personal fund, Money almost anything can be a motive if a signal corps person can put weight on you through emf on your body as well as your brain?

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