If I have a sick note and OH recommend a risk assessment can my employer refuse to do it then sack me for not taking a six week job somewhere else whilst sick

    I am on long term sick with anxiety and stress due to bullying. Now my employer say that they did not do the assessment as they don't want me back in the workplace as I was not wanted there and have sacked me without compensation as I refused a six week job somewhere else further afield as I was still sick. They advertised and replaced me before I even went sick and the reason they don't want me back is to avoid a bullying case.

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    So? Stay on long term sick until you get better.
    Don't know what OH is, but best walk away from this firm now. don't give them the satisfaction of your time . get a new job, don't think about being bullied, don't recognise it, don't encourage it. Just start a fresh life for yourself. Hold your head up high. Good luck.

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