can radiation cause cancer in future

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    This is from "Natural Radiation hazards  have been crossly underestimated because the medical and atomic power would be vulnerable to staggering liabilities CT Scans, chest exrays. and Mommograms are overused for no other reason than what can be billed to medicare and insurance companies. This Radiation hazard may contribute to many new cancers and death.

    Radiation is used to treat cancer now...

    You would have to be exposed to quite a bit of radiation for it to cause significant increases in cancer.

    Not too worry, radiation is used to CURE all types of Cancer today

    Many who have had long term exposure to radiation die from something other an radiation exposure

    That is just one more of the Environuts scare tactics to stop nuclear power.

    Every Aircraft Carrier and Submarine in the US Navy and others, have been nuclear powered for over FIFTY years and not a single one of the thousands of sailors who operated the reactors or served aboard, has died form nuclear power exposure.

    Even the two Japanese cities that were destroyed by nuclear bombs 65 years ago were rebuilt where the stood and bombs produce a thousands times more Alfa amd Beta radiation than do nuclear power plants

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    Radio frequencies and all nuclear radiation has only been widely known of in the last 100 years or so, slowly and increasingly to today.  We have been working to understand these things better. New discoveries are common which adds to our collective data base, but time is required to see how these new discoveries fit into what we know already. Fresh incite can be a bane to a project that can abolish the purpose for a study instantly, once understood. Those who see beyond the way of progress by experimentation to other, simple solutions, have no place in the sciences because the money is in the research. That justifies an excessive price-tag to public market products and allows our foot-dragging authorities of the science economy to maintain their prosperous position. All this is a way of controlling our economy with the public approval of our outspoken leaders.

    So this brings us to your question “ can radiation cause future cancers?” I look for simple solutions beyond the research clammer. I understand your concern and the best answer I can offer you is for you to go to…..


    ...and study this with your friends.  I have, and it is about how we think and why we think the way we do. By studying this with you friends, one lesson a week, you will get through the course in a year and by then you’ll know the answer to you question quite well.   

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