why can I not get into my yahoo mail at all, help?

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    If you've "upgraded" Yahoo Mail switch back to Classic for the time being. Most of the problems people are having is BECAUSE of the new Mail. Most likely the problem you're having now
    The New "Improved'' (sic) Mail is Very Buggy, Unstable & a Total pain in the butt. There are literally Thousands & Thousands of users complaining they can't use their mail like they used to. These Solutions will either Permanently or Temporally get You in Your Mail so you can Manage it Again. In the New mail you May need a faster Internet connection for better browsing experience and in slow connections you May experience some problems in opening your emails. It's a lot of words but some folks are PC illiterate & I Don't know What group You're in & I want ALL to benefit.
    **TEMP SOLUTIONS** (If you HAVE already "Upgraded" to the new Yahoo mail)
    You can use these links below. It's only a temp fix & you'll have to use them every time to access the Classic version so put them in your bookmarks or favorites for easy access. (The 3 links do the same thing)…
    This is a very basic Mobile view but at least you can read them

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