when queen elizabeth dies who takes her place on the throne?

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    Prince William. Prince Charles has already abdicated his spot in the succession to his son.

    Perhaps he's not made it official yet. I saw a documentary last night with a snippet from an interview he gave in which he said he would step aside in favor of his son. It was my assumption because of that, that he already has.
    Dang it! This was a homework question!! Gotta watch these kids every second!!
    as far as i know prince charles has not abdicated from becoming king charles 111
    prince charles,but it is most likely he will pass it on to his eldest son whose mother was diana, prince william,who will be king wiiliam 111
    Elizabeth ain't going.. She's made that clear for the last 150 years.. Charles will still be a prince at 95 years old.
    With luck and a bit of sense from the British people the monarchy will be abolished by the time Queeny pops her clogs.
    Her heir is Big Ears... sorry, Prince Charles. With luck she'll outlive him and we can have Andrew and the lovely Kate :-)
    I think you mean William and Kate. Andrew was married to the un-lovely Sara.
    I will drink to that , but it aint gonna happen. Too many fat cats with their snouts in the trough.

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