is there a problem if your dog has a very dark stool

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    I would ake your dog to the vet the poo probely has blood in it so that is what is making it dark its worth getting it checked out just incase good luck

    Take the dog to the vet to check for internal bleeding...

    There could be a problem. This happened to my friends dog and the vet said dark stools (as in humans) may be an indication of a stomach ulcer that has bled a little bit. Blood that has been through the digestive system turns dark brown/black through the process. I would seek a veterinary opinion to be on the safe side.

    IT is always best to take your dog to the Vet .That happend to my mother-in-law she was eating to many "Iron tablets.the Vet said cut down on them she did give them to my father-in- law .just to try to cheer you up doggie will be ok have a nice day.

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