I'm reasonably certain that a neighbour is cheating to get benefits. Should I report it and if so to whom/

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    The only reason i would report someone is......  they were abusing women and children and animal cruelty.Anything else that goes on with my neighbours i mind my own business.


    I agree with you pythonlover - cruelty is intolerable.

    tough decion to make .. first of all you must be 100% sure if you going to make any kind of acarastion. 2nd if your friends with your neighbor you won't be any longer. seems to me that most people on the system cheat one way or another, which dosen't make things better, it's your call, personally i would just leave it alone , god will judge him in the end..

    No, stay out of it.

    What type of benefits? Disability fraud is bad. The government pays a reward for information on fraud. That money is my money. I pay taxes through the ass and some SOB is ripping us all off. Rat him out.

    The first question Social Security has for you is, “Are you willing to support the person who you claim is not disabled?” Your neighbor applied for help and met the criteria needed for the state or Fed to approve their claim. The information required to qualify for assistance is exhaustive and reasonable. Doctors and hospitals are often involved. If you think it is so easy to cheat…go try it yourself.


    In the UK many people receive benefits they are not entitled to - yes Doctors are involved but not always correct in believing what the patient is saying - only one example - girl living in our house defrauded £15,000 in social security benefits because she told the Doctor she was Agoraphobic which she was very from - had a stall down the market, four wheel drive, and went out a lot socially. There have been documentaries showing people walking with sticks to the benefit office then abandoning them and driving off - there is so much of this here,
    but to report people is difficult as it can leave you feeling uncomfortable.

    YOU AINT A KIDDING you got to be damn near dead to get disability

    M.Y.O.B.   I get disability and I earn it... You don't know what goes on behind closed doors....


    I think I could get disability benefit but I do not I manage. You are right who knows what happens behind closed doors.

    Thank you so much......

    Why do you want to be a spoil sport? Let 'em get whatever they can out of Obama.

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