the main theme of Leviticus is

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    Uh oh.  Here we go again.

    Leviticus - (Worldlly Outwardly; the below) it is literally the third book of the bible is more or less a summary of all the rules and ceremonies pertaining to the ministries of Jewish priests and Levites.  Not all of the laws laid down in this particular book concern Religion, but are more concerned with rules of health, social conduct, and all things "Traditional."

    Leviticus - (Spiritually /inwardly; the Above)  Metaphysically, Esoterically it relates to the reality of the inner Spiritual laws of Life, health, of peace, of plenty, and of true Spiritual Understanding; the opposite of the literal letter of the law; opposite of endless rules and restrictions that limit Spiritual Revelation that reduce it to the bindings of literality.

    Means to transcend the prison of literial interpretations, that are the ordaining rituals and mind closing commandments of worldly churches.  For all such impositions lead back to the sin of ignorance; impiety, thus death (see Rom: 7:9+10).  The death of Gods true idea within mens hearts; the true Temple.  For the true serving of God is in Spirit which is the Presence His Will.  It is this only that leads to Life, and to all Good.  (see II Cor. 3:6). 

    Let them hear and receive it who can, now in this time and in this place wherein the Shadows seek for the Light.  Amen        

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