what weight program will help a guy of 58 achieve big biceps

    weight lifting

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    Big muscles are actually something hereditary. I have lifted weights for years and seen men that never get huge but are like strong little bulls and other men with huge muscles that aren't near the power houses they look. Without using steroids which is just plain unintelligent, to build muscle rather than tone,always use weights you can handle without injuring but heavy enough to present some challenge and do 3 sets of 10 reps in a rapid concession. If you want to tone, slow the reps down. Never ever use weights that are too heavy and you struggle to lift because you either lose the muscle you are trying to target by using others to get the weight lifted and or injure yourself.
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    I never want big biceps. It looks kind of dumb for me. What's more important would be your body is proportionately shaped. No fats and well built from head to toe. No birdlegs with huge biceps.
    a BIG one Yr to Old.
    Y do U want Big Biceps, so U can look what! MENACING.

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