What is the difference between the Objective, the Ejective, and the Subjective?

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    The study of lies
    the palingenetic obliteration of the I transcendental that perpetuates itself in the cosmic auto conscience of the archetype prototype of the universal anthropomorphism (E. KANT?)
    a palinode

    ah!ah!!ah! ( it's a joke)

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    this has nothing to do with philosophy.. if you want a definition, there are dictionaries?


    It is a Metaphysical question one of the six aspects of Philosophy, therefore is applicable.



    The six headings under which the disciplines of philosophy are commonly classified are: metaphysics, which deals with such abstract subjects as cosmology, theology, and the nature of being; logic, which deals with the laws of rational thinking, or, as it has been called the "Doctrine of Fallacies"; ethics, which is the science of morality, individual responsibility, and character - concerned chiefly with an effort to determine the nature of good; psychology, which is devoted to investigation and classification of those forms of phenomena referable to a mental origin;


    . . .; epistemology, which is the science concerned primarily with the nature of knowledge itself and the question of wether it may exist in an absolute form; and æsthetics, which is the science of the nature of and the reations awakened by the beautiful, the harmonious, the elegant, and the noble."


    An ordinary dictionary is most objective, for we as bodies and personalities are of this objective world. But, it does give various definations to cover as many instances as possible, in an objective world. But it does give hints at things beyond the obvious and as Soul's we seek beyond the obvious, to those Spiritual things reserved for the Soul alone. We are in essence two beings Body and soul.


    ah, sure yes. My bad then. They are indeed separate! Though it is important for any spiritualist to find balance between them, making them one.. Body and soul I mean. :]

    Objective, |?b?jektiv|
    1 (of a person or their judgment) not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts : historians try to be objective and impartial. Contrasted with subjective .
    • not dependent on the mind for existence; actual : a matter of objective fact.
    2 [ attrib. ] Grammar of, relating to, or denoting a case of nouns and pronouns used as the object of a transitive verb or a preposition.

    Ejective, |i?jektiv| Phonetics
    denoting a type of consonant in some languages, e.g., Hausa, produced by sudden release of pressure from the glottis.

    1 based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinions : his views are highly subjective | there is always the danger of making a subjective judgment. Contrasted with objective .
    • dependent on the mind or on an individual's perception for its existence.?

    Objective------  "there it is"

    Ejective--------  "there it goes"

    Subjective----  "there what goes"?


    Ejective is not a word.

    Edit: Well there you go. We are never too old to learn. Without reference to dictionary I gave my answer and believed the word may have been misspelled. I did believe the author may have meant adjective. I grew up in a time without computers and the use of a calculator in the education system would have been considered cheating. Next time I will do a little research before responding. We are all now on a worldwide stage where even spelling and definitions are changed to suit.



       /ɪˈdʒɛktɪv/ Show Spelled[ih-jek-tiv] Show IPA
    serving to eject.
    Phonetics . (of a voiceless stop, affricate, or fricative) produced with air compressed above the closed glottis.


    Apologies, hummm . .maye I shouldn't use Esoteric, Mystical, Metaphysical, Termology. Mystical side: Simply means that which is "ejected, excluded, because of lack of material validations or worldly proofs." (Not found in ordinary dictionaries, only in mystical works, thus the words is somewhat reserved. Well, what about the other words you did not mention those. Objective, Subjective


    Ablast, it was indeed incorrect . . chuckles . . typing to fast or some such. When I saw it, by then it was to late to correct. ;-)

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