No need of the S.O.S, figured it out!

    Never mind the help w/ AAQ!  Thanks anyway.  I figured it out.  I had to log on with a different login name than I had just as a guest.  I WAS  "michmar118"  and now I'm  "howso?", for those of you know me.  I have a new identity!   And that helps me how so??   LOL

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    ""How so?

    Think I'm in place.  Once I gave a name, it took me, &  then a question box  popped up asking if I was "michmar118" and I said yes and so it looks like they kept my initial login  ID.  SOOOO, I am still michmar118,.....although I was looking a little forward to a new name!  didn't mean to make it big, just tired and hit the wrong key.................


    Well, this way you get to keep your karma points.
    I fixed your text too so it's not s huge ;)

    E-mail me so I can have the admin help you to get back into your other account. My e-mail is



    Okay, now I am confused.  I thought I was back on here as michmar118 but apparently that password I used was connected with Howso?, not  michmar.  Hopefully we'll get mozilla firefox back up soon and I won;t have to go through this trouble.  Now if I can still figure out how get back here through Internet Explorer as michmar again I'll be very happy,...until then I'm an alter ego with no karma points!  sniff-sniff....


    Try changing your password
    Please go to, choose the "recover password" tab and enter your email address. (Enter the e-mail address for michmar.

    Thank you Colleen. I did that last night and have been waiting for a reply to my email, which I haven't received yet. Maybe tomorrow I'll try again if I still haven't heard. I know it's the correct email as I only have one and used it with both akaqa personas. :-}

    This happened to me again, yesterday. I usually access automatically with akaqa through a link on mozilla.  Well, it crashed on us yesterday and so for now to get on here again through Internet Explorer I had to remember a password and couldn't. Thought about it overnight and came up some work passwords I had last summer about the time I began on here, and voila!!  Remenbered it!   I won't forget it again!!  Glad to be back as me.....again.  lol

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