recently i had a disagreement with my grandsons, i hope you can settle it. On a camping trip I took 4 five gallon buckets of corn on the cob,as we ate them I filled the buckets with dirt. when we packed up my grandsons said I was taking back more volume with the dirt than the corn. I explained that the volume was the same. the buckets weigh more but the VOLUME was the same. Please help settle this dispute

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    The corns on the cob didn't fill the entire volume of the buckets because between them there were areas with nothing but air. Once the buckets where filled with dirt, almost the entire volume of the buckets was occupied. Therefore, the dirt did occupied more space than the corns, and therefore more volume as well.


    The"volume" of the bucket will always be the same,whether it's dirt or air,feathers or corn on the cob, the only thing that changes is the weight.

    Yes, but there was more volume taken once the buckets where filled with dirt, in comperison to the corn on the cob.

    The "air" is part of the volume of the bucket surely? There is air in a bucketful of dirt too!

    Yes, there is air in the buckets with the dirt, but not as much as with the corn.

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