Which question at akaQA has gotten the most "views" and the most number of ratings?

    Other than Religious questions, of course.

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    2 Answers

    Can you all think of other questions here that garnered most "views" or ratings?



    Why don't you tell us Chiang?


    I noticed that religious questions got the most interest here. However, I am more interested in questions besides religion. Pamela's "Real Men ______" seems to get a lot views and responses. What do YOU think, Tommyh. You've been here since the beginning of time, it seems.

    Yeah I am a bit of a dinosaur LOL.but I don't keep track of the questions.Pam's question was a good one because it could be answered any way you like without giving offence.My recent question abou getting old pulled a lot of responses & also that one about bad driving habits.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the "getting old" ends up at the top, especially these questions never truly "dies". They have a way to stay alive indefinitely.

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