why did the japanese soliders turn thier backs to Gen. MacArthur when He arrived to occupy Japan?

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    The japanese are a a big believer in honour, and they saw no honour in McArthur when in the pacific region fled to leave his men to the mercy of the japs. they consided him a coward, unfortunately for australia he fled there and did more damage.

    According to my grandfather who fought in WWII, MacArthur was an arrogant s.o.b. who killed a lot of soldiers by putting them in unnecessary combat just to further his own career. The troops did not like him.


    Ahhh, shoot, you said Japanese.

    Well, that one is self explanatory.

    Hello Colleen,
    In response to your question, weren't the Jap Commanders "s.o.b's" by putting thier men in suicide missions and calling on thier people to committ SUICIDE???? They behaved with incredible dishonor until this day and suddenly have amnesia about thier conduct during WWII. I am very curious to see what would happen if China got thier clutches around that arrogant island nation.

    I repeated my grandfathers words. I'd say you could argue with him about it but he passed away 3 years ago.
    On a personal level, I could think the same thing of my own government when our troops are sent in to fight another country's war that the US has no business being in. They are being sent on suicide missions with no glory because they are NOT dying for what they signed up for and that was to defend their country, not some piss ant country thousands of miles across the ocean. To military people, there is a big difference in honor between dying in service of the country or dying defending the country.

    They just wanted to "Break "Wind Mc Arthur was in the way They nicknamed him "Windy.

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