is garlic safe for canine

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    With garlic, dogs can react in different ways. A lot of conflicting information exists about whether garlic is dangerous for your dog's health. It has benefits but should be used with caution.

    Positive Effects of Giving Your Dog Garlic

    Garlic helps strengthen your dog's immune system. It also works as a natural flea repellent, particularly when mixed with brewer's yeast.

    Negative Effects of Giving Your Dog Garlic

    Garlic is a member of the onion family. This group of foods is very high in sulfur and, in the long term, can cause an anaemic reaction in your dog. Smaller dogs are more likely to be affected by anaemia. If you are concerned, you can take your dog for regular blood tests at your local vet.

    The small amounts of garlic used in cooking and natural flea medications are not going to act as dog poison. However, it is still important to stay aware of the possible side effects and keep an eye on your dog's health if you choose to give him garlic.
    no it will make them sick

    Did you research?

    thank you both for answer but I am still pretty confused, I wanted to use it for my dogs cough which is quite bronchial he is otherwise well but for the cough. I read where a number of people gave their dogs garlic for coughs and the problem was quickly corrected from immediately to two or three day.

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