what is the life cycle of a yellowjacket

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    Birth, eat, drink, have sex, die    same as us

    The worker 'wasp' not bee has a lifespan of one season, the queen lives on, during the months of august through October the yellow jacket goes into foraging frenzy, this is when they are the most bold and aggressive - You will find that if you decide to have a picnic and there is a yellow jacket nest nearby, they will invite themselves to dinner-- Whatever you do, don't swat at them because if you hurt one or kill it  on your clothing, it will leave a pheromone that signals attack and they will follow that pheromone and attack whatever is in the vicinity that moves. You can try to outrun them if you feel lucky, they can't fly as fast as you can run..

    BTW: They love crawling into soda cans, there are many reports of people getting their mouth stung on the inside.. Ouch!

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