Did Michael Jackson faked his death?

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    It is not a totally unrealistic scenario. This would be the only way for him to get out of music business and avoid to complete any obligations that had for making these concerts.
    The reasons could be some of the following:
    1/ His contracts. The only way of breaking a production contract is the artists death. This relieves the artist from any obligation to the production company and from any damage clauses that the braking of his contract could cause to him.
    2/His huge dept. The only way to get rid of them was by faking his death. Dead people don't have any dept obligations.
    3/ It seems that he died the right time. 20 days before the first concert, something that gives enough time for the insurance companies to cover the production company for the production expenses. As for the tickets' money they were for already deposited in bank accounts for enough time to give enough interests to cover any loses for the production company. Adding the insurance's coverage too..( the conclusions are yours)."Colpo Grosso" and not something unusual in such kind of productions.
    4/ A very good way to disappear from public eye and get a normal life. Don't forget that he was famous from his childhood something that can be unbearable after some decades.
    Anyway.. Personally I don't believe that he faked his death, but if he did it, he had a load of reasons to do so and in this particular case is not an totally unrealistic scenario.

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