Bullies, what did they do to you?

    Obviously, when you were a kid. oh yeah and don't use names but your own.

    Well here's my story, I'd go to school everyday and this girl would have a new thing like literally EVERYDAY and she'd brag about it all day and it would really frustrate me. And when she'd fall over she'd expect everyone to help her when she doesn't do a thing for us! And there's a lot more but I don't want to get to much into it.

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    These girls in my class are stick thin. In elementary school, I sorta got to be closer with them, but I always felt fat. So, I'd suck in my gut. A lot. It made me skinny like them, and it made me feel pretty, too. I could really care less about them now, and I don't wanna be like them, but it took me practically 3 years to get off of my sucking in habit. Sometimes I still catch myself doing it, when they give those 'looks that could kill'. But hey, what are you gonna do? They were rude to everyone (they still are). And nobody trully likes them. Their problem! (:

    I know it, it's lame. Hahaha

    yeah i used to do that to but i got sick of it and just thought if they don't like me for who i am then i shouldn't be friends with them anyway!

    Exactly right?!?! :D
    Give them a punch up the throat. I hit them with my suitcase. They did not bother me anymore.
    ed shank

    Only had one bullieing episode that I remember. Beat his ass, I,ll bet he still remembers it.

    I'll bet he does. My sons learned martial arts. No one ever touched them, in primary or high school. They learnt Kung Foo. One of them can fight 10 people all at once. Once the word gets around at school, no one will touch them.
    seems like bullies are generated from their parents down.certainly not in all cases. one thing to stop a bullie is a bigger bullie, but where does that end. parents need to be held accountable as well as kids for bullieing. should we go over to mr. smiths house and start pushing him aroud cause his kid is a bullie, probaly not. it is considered assualt no matter the age,let the police do their work as well as school administrators,also no one should be kept silent about this
    I was not treated very well at school until Ias in 10th grade... before that I was called a lezbian and a whore.. I was bombarded with death threats and pushed into to boys bathroom beacause girls would say they did not want a dyke in there bathroom... I was spit at and tripped. I accually failed a placement test on purrpose to get out of goingto class woth these kids. In my nine grade summer I started modeling... I grow my hair out and good god guys where lining up to date me.. they did not even know who I was... I had gone to school with them off and on for 8 years... I never dated anyone who went to my school.. But I started to get a kick ass rep for being tough.. Nothing phased me and I let ppl know they ment nothing ot me... life is and was so much bigger than school drama...

    Funny how it's OK for you to say the same things about others that was hurtful to you. It seems you are no different than the bullies you remember.
    I have news for you bullies exist in grown up worlds too not just in school. Some people just live to run others down and gossip and tear people down I find that sad but see it more and more everyday.
    Bullying can be a serious problem. If you don't have a positive and supportive family background, bullying can really tear the remains of your self-esteem down... or, rather, not even let it develop in the first place. It is something teachers and parents should take seriously, and work against. I experienced that most teachers look away because they don't want to get into extra stress discussing with adolescents and their families.

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