flea control

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    very tough thing. i have used advantage and frontline medication. the medication is expensive,but worth its price in gold.


    we use it, Monthly, but it doesn't keep them off but two weeks. We bomb the house, have a pest control come in, they even spray the yard, we try everything. Fleas have built up a resistances to the chemicals we are using.

    call pest control.

    If you want a natural one, get glue boards, for mice, place on floor, put an electric Christmas candle over it at night, cut all lights off. The heat from the candle will draw them, they will get stuck in the glue board. Do this throughout your home. When the flea eggs hatch you will have to repeat. This does work.

    Also put baby oil on your legs, this will suffocate the flea if one jumps on you. You can put baby oil on a dog, this will kill fleas, but will not keep killing them, the oil will be absorbed by the dogs skin. On cats use a limited amount. I usually do their feet. And buy flea control from the vet.

    The south has had epidemic of fleas this summer, bombs,and sprays have not deterred them.

    Take duct tape, cut a strip off 6 inches long, roll sticky side out. When a flea jumps on you use it to get him off. He'll stick to the tape. This is great when you have white socks on. It doesn't take long to put a dent in their population.

    My neighbors do not have pets, yet their porches are covered in fleas. Walking by brought them into the home.

    Good Luck.

    ole hipster

    Hi Daisy....great answer(s)!!! I lived in Florida for about 20 years (am now back in the Midwest..Chicago to be exact) and boy do I remember the fleas, roaches, fire ants etc. etc. etc.......can't say that I miss the critters but sure do miss living during the winter season there as Chicago is brutal!!! (:

    We have had a big problem with fleas,and misquotes. I live in the swamps of the Carolinas. You invent ways to help control them. I have house cats that have never been outside since I rescued them, several years ago. I can not keep fleas off of them. I have bathe them in Flea soap,the vet treats them monthly, and I do all I can in the home. It's insane! Everyone we know with and without pets are fighting fleas. I want to move back up north! I'll deal with the bitter cold.

    My mom always said "put a banana stalk in the yard and all the fleas will go to it....."


    Where can I get a banana stalk? How about banana peels? Think that would work?

    I have no idea on either... My mom passed so I can't ask her where. Perhaps the produce dept. of a grocery store? As for banana peel, I'm sure they would work for half a day then just rot and dry up.

    I have 2 Yorkie and I give them garlic salt every 2 weeks. The flea's don't like the taste of their blood so they jump off.


    That I will try! Thank You!!!!

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