what can a criminal defense lawyer do for me if I was charged with possession of a controlled substance

    This is also my second offense, felony can a criminal defense lawyer help as far as reducing any jail time?

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    absolutly, hopefully you can afford a decent lawer,don't go it alone. they"re trained professionals in this area, so chose wisely. certainly you dont want a divorce lawer. remember "he who represents himself in court has a fool for a client" god luck and god bless

    Thanks, I think I've found a good lawyer my spirits are up!
    Depends on the drug if your going to get jail time. Small amount of weed, don't sweat it. Hard drugs, or a large quantity is a different story. A word of advise. All Lawyers will promise you they'll get you off, until you get to court, suddenly five minutes before standing in front of the Judge a complication will arise and you will be asked to cop a plea in your best interest. That's when you'll realize that you've been had, and your worst fears will become a reality. If this happens, Immediately ask the Judge for a postponement, fire your attorney on the spot. He is not representing you in your best interest. Good luck.

    Ed shank it wasn't a huge quantity about 11grams and I heard they have to take the cut out so it may be less but thanks I am actually hoping there is a program I can go to for help
    ed shank

    Again weed, not sweat it. Coke, not good. Lots of luck Learn from this.

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