what is furunculosis

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    Furunculosis is the reoccurring presence of pus-filled sores, known as boils, on the skin. The furunculosis infection is primarily caused by staphylococcus aureus, often referred to as a staph germ, and there are countless people who are carriers of the germ. There are a number of ways to contract furunculosis, but there are also many treatments. Most people are susceptible to boils, but they occur more frequently in patients with immune system disorders.

    The first signs of furunculosis are easy to recognize because it begins with a large reddish lump on the surface of the skin and shortly after a white or yellow center will appear as the boil fills with pus. Skin around the boil is often tender and becomes painful as the boil continues to fill with bacteria. There are a few home remedies that can ease the pain. Using warm compresses is common because the heat relieves the pain and also draws the pus closer to the surface, which may lead to bacterial drainage. The main goal of treatment is to drain the boil and begin the healing process.

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