How do you get a boyfriend that is nice and good looking?

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    Well've got a good start by asking your question with the word nice before good looking! There's hope for you dear. Seriously though I know how so much emphasis is put upon a person's "Physical looks" when you're young. The media BS gets to you, along with the opinions of your peers. Make friends with boys as well as matter how "hot" they are supposed to be! Someone you might consider as your friend at first could turn out to be "the One"!
    kittens rule

    you know your really good with answers 2ed time i have seen you
    ole hipster

    Thank you my child! (:
    There might be a few of those around, but they are becoming
    extinct. Just find a nice boy who is honest, sincere and treats
    you with Respect and you found yourself a Gem.
    You can't, nice ones are ugly, cute ones are rotten. Just the way God likes to play with you.
    Headless Man

    I was trying to be funny kate but seems that way sometimes, ole hipster gets a TU
    It's all in your own attitude and how you present yourself both physically and mentally (acting mature but not stuck up). Like attracts like.
    well.... you have to walk up to a guy you like and ask to hang out some time then keep doing it for a wile and then ask him out make sure you like him.

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