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    FedEx Cup

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    Not to be confused with the Fed Cup, an international women's team tennis tournament.

    For more details on the most recent playoffs, see 2012 FedEx Cup Playoffs.

    The FedExCup is a championship trophy for the PGA Tour. Its introduction marked the first time that men's professional golf had a playoff system. Announced in November 2005, it was first awarded in 2007 after a NASCAR-like points race. Brandt Snedeker is the current by Text-Enhance" href="">champion. This competition is sponsored by FedEx.

    The PGA Tour adjusted the rules around the FedExCup in each of the two years after its introduction in 2007. Each set of changes was introduced to address issues that arose the previous year, particularly with the playoffs portion of the FedExCup.

    In February 2008, the changes were designed to allow more golfers a chance to improve their by Text-Enhance" href="">positions on the points list as the playoffs progress. The changes involve a tightening of the playoff reset points and awarding more points to playoff participants. This is effectively a penalty on those players that skip a playoff event.[1]

    In November 2008, the changes were designed to help ensure that the championship would not be won until after the final playoff event. This resulted from the fact that Vijay Singh had accumulated enough points through the first three playoff events in 2008 to guarantee that he would win the Cup by simply finishing the final event.[2]

    Beginning in 2013, FedEx Cup points will determine the 125 golfers who retain their PGA Tour playing privileges (popularly known as "tour cards") for the following season.[3] Previously, this was determined by position on the tour's money list at the end of the year.

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