Why does this site allow one poster to edit the post of another?

    Any poster can edit another's words and make them look as though they said something ignorant or evil. Why is this allowed here? Shouldn't only the orginal poster be allowed to edit only their own post? I know one would think another would not stoop so low, but there is always evil lurking in the shadows of these sites.

    Indeed, it is creepy.. messages being tainted with someone else's hand.

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    couldn't agree more i noticed it earlier today. can we go around and just delete each other just cause of somthing we said? it appears to be so.unfortuneitly when you get enough "karma" point you get that capalability. they should take points away for that.not to mention you can always see who edits your posts! but that still dosen't solve the moral delema. what if we deleted parts of the constition,the bible... we didnt like, what kind of world then!pretty much what we have now, they can delet (edit) our comments but they cant delete our souls!

    Why would anyone stay? It will just become a war of edits and slander.




    i agree with you FOG that makes a change doesnt it lol.

    Unless this is changed, this site will destroy itself from within. Nobody will stay.

    From the FAQ's page:

    Why can other people can edit my questions/answers?
    Goal of this site is... So questions and answers can be edited like wiki pages by experienced users of this site and this improves the overall quality of the knowledge base content. If this approach is not for you, we respect your choice.

    If you feel a person had no right to edit your post then use the "contact" link at the bottom of the page and explain what happened and how you feel it's not right. Since this is a member moderated site, the administrators do not read all the threads. It's up to the members to report who they feel are out of line in their actions. You can always re-edit your post and put it back to the way you had it.

    They can do that??? Is there also a log that all members can see what other members edit?? If so, its no big deal because the person (s) doing this would get caught as their edits would be visible to all.


    Just look above, Anonymous just edited this one.


    Yes, I could edit your words and make you say some very ignorant things and most people here would not be the wiser for your name would still register as the poster.


    All we have is our words here, if that is manipulated then there is no knowing the real person.


    Well that sucks! I don't like that at all.. Hopefully a persons real personality would shine through the malicious edit..


    that is so not right that that if you have high karma points you can edit somebodys words,bang out of order!

    In my case the edit was for slander. What would be the consequence for this editor if reported?


    Just saying it was edited does not help. No one knows what part was original and what part is of the editor. In my case the whole post was deleted and the entire title changed. That is pure slander and evil intent.


    I don't even like anyone suspended. The site should have rules against fould language and not allow editing of anothers post at all. This would solve some problems.

    Headless Man

    If you report them and it was done in malice they will be suspended, I believe.


    In the case of the original post of this thread, you can see that I personally added a line at the end, and you can see my name on the list of editors.. so it's no secret who is editing your posts, if anyone is. If it happens, then just report them.


    "no one knows what part was original and what part is of the editor"

    If you report it, they will know.

    Not sure what you mean by having a "right" to edit. Who decides these rights? Is there a guideline? And is the editor required to explain their edit?

    Like I said in another thread, now that this is out this site will be worthless.

    Headless Man

    Already had it done to mine.

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