My cat is approx. 6 mo old now. She weighs 7lbs. She appears to me to be putting on a lot of weight in her belly area. How much food should she be getting daily?

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    Be sure to get pets neutered as they can conceive even as juniors ! Be warned!;)

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    The directions are on the package. Do not overfeed. Make sure the food is age appropriate.....

    Check with your vet nurse for a nutrition programme for your cat if you are unsure and they are helpful keeping an eye on their weight !'s like weight wAtchers for pets!:)

    Three times a day for kittens, but not too much, and make sure it's kitten food and not for adult cats.

    Are you sure she's not pregnant ?

    I over fed my cat. The pet store owner said this particular type of cookie would make my cat healthy. At first she grew big but then it got to be just too much. She grew fat and mean. The vets tried to help me but my cat had become an addict. I blamed myself. Be real careful of those cookies. Ask your vet before feeding “cat candy”  

    Could your kitten be pregnant?

    I wish you and your cat the best.

    Here are some tips to follow for a healthy kitten.

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