Do you think there is arsenic or traces of arsenic in apple juice?

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    Wow thats real scarry!

    It really is!!

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    I would believe Dr. Oz over the Companies that distribute the apple juice.. Motts and all the others came out fighting today. They are very powerful and try to get Dr. Oz in trouble, We all know what kind of junk they sell us. I personally only buy natural unsweetened Applejuice without additives.


    good answer Ann buy natural or organic! lol

    Dr. Oz said on his show yesterday that there was arsenic or traces of arsenic in Mott's and Gerbers apple juices just to name a few and the FDA knows about this.

    Arsenic is everywhere. Its number 33 in periodic table of elements. Apple tree roots will absorb traces into roots and into apples which you will ingest. So yes there probably will be traces of arsenic in all foods we eat. He - oz - knows better than to try to scare people like that.

    I want to thank everyone for their comments, scary subject but my mind is at ease now.

    I once had a mama dog with pups that loved to eat apples off the tree. Every time she nursed the litter they would go into tremours. Our vet told us that apple seeds contained arsnic. not enough to affect humans or large dogs ( Samoyed )  but enough to transfer to the pups through the breast milk. We kept the dog away from the apple tree and no more problems.


    Sadie, you are right. Apple seeds contain traces of Arsenic. But you would have to eat thousands of apples to cause a problem. When you eat an apple, nobody that I know of would eat the seeds. But Companies that make apple juice use the whole apple. Yours is an interesting story. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    OK, so it's there. Perhaps one can build an immunity to the stuff? Maybe? Oh, shoot, don't drink it..

    Apples contain organic arsenic which is not toxic to humans. Dr Oz also admitted he would not stop giving apple juice to his children.

    Didn't know about the apples, but apricot kernels contain arsenic, people I know used to eat them as a possible cure for cancers, a friend swears they cured his brain tumour, they are no longer available here.


    I didn't know that about apricot kernels, that's very interesting. Thank you so much lambshank for the info.

    spaceghost, your welcome

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