Lets` unite against them

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    Go build a preacher FoG website. Take all your Christian friends and have your bible study there. His followers are haters. And truly, I don't care that you titled this for Christians. It's just another ploy for you to open yet another christian thread on a non denominational Q/A website. THIS IS NOT A CHRISTIAN FORUM! New people have had to ask if this is a Christian website because all they see are religious questions asked and religious nuts answer. Must you fools take over everything? A pagan holiday wasn't enough for you takers?


    Well, I guess that answers if non Christians are intolerate.


    I guess this means Colleen is intolerate? Why don't you just ignore the Christian questions? I probably ignore 99% of the questions asked here, and there are some pretty dumb ones too but I just ignore them, the site is for everyone, Christian or any other.

    I purposefully directed this question to Cristians so those who don't want to participate don't have to waste any time clicking on.


    I have to say though Colleen, I definity agree with your shout out. This is definity not a Christian forum. Even some who call themsleves christian do not speak the words of Jesus.


    Scumbee, Peoplelover changed the title, so do you think he is the evil one maybe? Do you think anyone should be allowed to edit anothers post? How would you like somebody changing your post to make you look bad?


    He deleted it all


    A question for CHristians, was Jesus' words intolerate?


    Nicely spoken FOD, "Let's unite against them". Did Jesus teach you to FIGHT with enemies? I thought Jesus taught us to make PEACE with enemies.


    I'm glad it wasn't you then. What was the original post?


    No, I don't think anyone should be allowed to change the original post.


    Don't you remember what you titled your post?

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    This was put up 3hr ago by FriendofGodand edited 1 hr ago by PEOPLELOVER is that right?


    Yes it was

    This is not a Christian forum a Homosexual forum,a Heterosexual forum....people ask all sort of questions,why don't we just click into the ones that we like....and stop clicking into the ones we don't?Maybe this will cut back on all the bad controversy.



    Christians open the threads about homosexuality. Christians drop their bible verses in every thread, religious or not.


    Your right...maybe some will try.

    Ms Sinclair

    You can say that again!


    you have a point, but some just jump on to pointing their fingers on a particular person and that's when you have to reply back, then the questions would be related to you wether you like it or not.

    Since this thread has been delibrately twisted from it's original content into something evil it should be deleted by the administration.


    Let's see, a judgmental speach on judgment. Ironic how the hypocrisy rises out of the post of those complaining about Judging.


    You have yet to offer anything uplifting just judgement. Yes indeed it is you who should be deleted from this sight, for judging everyone in it. You are not very strong for your mind is shut tight, no "Light' may enter in, because you cannot perceive. And He called them Hypocrites, be gone ignorant one to a site where every body agrees with you, then you can find fault with them also. How arrogant shut down this site because everybody doesn't agree with FriendfBad, cloaking himself in FriendfGod. Just like the pharisees of old. They now cloak themself in denomitions and fundamentalism.


    Why don't you close the thread?

    Against who?? Are you calling a war??? Look at your name man "friend of god"
    You need to change it to "no mercy evil". You are no different from Osama Bin Laden calling Muslim for terrorism. Terrible.

    It is pretty obvious he was intolerant of the Pharisees and the Sanhedren as he would be of other false religious dictators today.


    Maybe it is only appropriate to be intolerant of false religious dictators who use scripture as mind control over others?


    For some reason, my above answers ended up under the wrong question, which is probably why they won't make sense to you here.


    That's what I thought too, but some "christians" have called me intolerate for repeating what Jesus said about those who reject His Sonship.

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